Practice Areas

Advertising Law

lyt_150_courtroomOur Firm represents various automobile dealership groups and associations and approves advertising for all medias including radio and print.  In addition, our firm advises individual automobile dealerships with respect to specific issues that arise in connection with advertising.

Commercial Law

We offer advice in handling transactions which involve all aspects of the Uniform Commercial Code, the Vehicle Leasing Act, The Automobile Sales Finance Act, the Song Beverly Warranty Act, Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and other laws which affect the sale and/or lease of goods in the State of California.

Labor and Employment Law

lyt_130_columnsOur firm can assist and/or handle all aspects of representing companies and individuals in areas of labor law and employment matters including, but not limited to, wrongful termination, sexual harassment and discrimination at both the state and federal levels.  In addition, our firm can assist and/or draft employment manuals as well as harassment and discrimination policies to minimize and/or eliminate potential litigation.  We can also assist in the training of employees with respect to the investigation and handling of complaints against your company.

Litigation, Business and Commercial

We prosecute and defend lawsuits in all California courts for all types of business and commercial clients including, but not limited to, business torts, breach of contract torts, defamation, fraud, unfair business practices, breach of warranty claims, Bureau of Automotive Repair issues, New Motor Vehicle Board Issues, violations of lending and/or financing laws and collection actions.

Class Actions

Our firm is experienced in defending class action lawsuits brought by consumers against companies in all areas of litigation including breach of contract, tort and general business matters.

General Liability

The firm represents a variety of individuals and businesses as well as public entities in pre-litigation and litigation matters concerning contract or torts resulting in damages to property or person from automobile accidents or otherwise.

Premises Liability

Our firm can assist with the investigation and defense of lawsuits brought by individuals who have been injured at private locations as well as on the premises of businesses open to the public. Our experience in this regard can assist in promptly evaluating a case to determine its merits and value in order to recommend a prompt resolution.

Products Liability

lyt_150_carsOur firm represents distributors and retailers of all types on issues involving design, product defect and breach of warranty cases.  Our knowledge and expertise in this area along with familiarity of key individuals allows us to get results quickly and efficiently by going to those individuals who have decision making abilities to resolve issues before they become litigation or to minimize the expense related to litigation in the event of a lawsuit.