Izumi v. House of Imports, et al. (05CC06984)

Hon. Mary Fingal Schulte-Orange County Superior Court


Plaintiffs: Julia Kemp, Esq. (Law Offices of Julia A. Kemp); Joel Tamraz, Esq. (Law Offices of Joel Tamraz)

Defendants: Elizabeth L. Kolar, Esq. (Kolar & Associates)


This case involves a motor vehicle accident that occurred June 12, 2003.  Plaintiff Steven Izumi was driving his vehicle and was rear-ended by defendant, Stanley Pope (an employee of Defendant, House of Imports).

PLAINTIFFS’ CONTENTIONS: Plaintiff contended that Defendants were negligent and caused him to suffer neck injuries, including, dissection of the vertebral artery which would allegedly require future surgery. Plaintiff also contended that he could no longer engage in his occupation as a landscaper.

DEFENDANTS’ CONTENTIONS: Defendants contend that its employee was not negligent in the operation of his vehicle. Defendants further contend that plaintiff’s injuries were unrelated / pre-existing injuries and, therefore, not causally related to the accident.

PRIOR SETTLEMENT DEMANDS:  Plaintiff demanded $450,000. Defendants offered $45,000.

RESULT: A jury trial resulted in a defense verdict in favor of Defendants, House of Imports and Stanley Pope.